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Early Morning & Extended Day Programs

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for information and registration for our Early Morning Care program. 

Because space is limited in the CCPS Extended Day Program, pre-registration will begin May 20th.  

The Extended Day Registration Form will be posted May 20th at 9:00 a.m.  Please return to this page on May 20th to complete the pre-registration form.  
If you visit this page prior to 9:00 a.m. on the 20th, you may need to refresh your browser at 9:00 to ensure the post containing the link is available. 

Note: Submission of an EDP pre-registration form does not guarantee your child a spot in the program.  You will be contacted by CCPS after the close of registration regarding your status in the program.

We have a simple document that may assist you in navigating the registration process.  Click the document below to view it in its entirety. 

First page of the PDF file: RegisteringforCCPSExtendedDay1

The Extended Day Registration post will appear below at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 20th. 

Cullman City Primary School’s Extended Day Program

 900 Hoehn Drive, Cullman, AL 35055
256-775-0234 / Fax 256-775-0238
EDP Cell Phone # 256-297-0509

What is Extended Day?
This program is for working families who need full-time after-school care for children who attend Cullman City Primary School and are accepted into the Cullman City Primary extended day. The program begins after school and ends at 5:30 pm.

What will my child do in Extended Day?
Extended Day activities include snack and playtime – outside on the playground or in the gym.  

How is the Program supported financially?
The parents pay a registration fee and a weekly fee. Extended Day services are not funded by the school system and must be self-supporting. Wages and benefits for staff/administration, snacks, supplies, and equipment are paid for from fees and donations from participants.

Cullman City Schools is happy to provide extended day services for our children and parents as long as the extended day budget is sufficiently maintained. Accounts are to be paid in full weekly on Mondays.  Students will be dismissed from the program if their account is two weeks past due.

Who can participate in Extended Day?  
Any student attending Cullman City Primary School within a given school year may attend provided space is available and the student follows the rules of conduct for our extended day children.  The extended day program reserves the right to withdraw or exclude disruptive students who negatively affect the learning environment for all students.  Students who participate full time (five days a week) are given priority.

What about registration?
A registration form must be completed for all students. Fee payments, receipt numbers, and periods for which payments are received will be recorded on a ledger. When the registration fee is paid, a receipt will be issued. A student may register any time during the school year. Children will be accepted into the program when space becomes available. 

When does Extended Day meet?
Extended Day operates Monday through Friday from school dismissal time until 5:30 p.m. on regularly scheduled, full days of school. The program does not operate on holidays, half days, snow days, or in the event of early dismissal. It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make other arrangements for the child on those days. Children must be enrolled in extended day on a full-time basis. 

How is arrival handled and attendance taken in Extended Day?
The EDP teacher or assistant will pick up the children and escort them to the designated location prior to the dismissal bell on the days they are scheduled to attend. 

How are departures and signing out children handled?
You may pick up your child from Extended Day any time between 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. BECAUSE OF CAR LINE PLEASE DO NOT COME TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD FROM EDP BEFORE 3:00 pm.  You should sign your child out daily with the Extended Day Teacher. A late charge of $15.00 for each 5 minutes after 5:30 p.m. will be assessed. Children who are left for an extended period of time after 5:30 p.m. may be subject to notification to the Department of Human Resources.

What about fees?
Children must be enrolled on a full time basis and the responsible party must pay fees weekly. There is a yearly non-refundable registration fee and a daily participation fee. Payment must be paid each week; regardless of attendance. This will ensure a place available in the program.

How are fees handled?
Every effort is made to provide after-school care at the lowest possible cost. Fees are necessary to support, in whole, the after-school activities, as well as salaries and benefits of staff. Fees are to be paid in full on Monday of each week.  All accounts must be kept up-to-date. Make all checks payable to: CULLMAN CITY PRIMARY SCHOOL.  If a bank refuses to honor a check for fees, all future fees must be paid in cash or money order.

Quality care is offered for your child and it must be self-supporting.  Please address any concerns or assistance requests that you may have to the Principal of the school where the Extended Day program is located.


Registration Fee -      $40.00 per year per child         
Daily Participation -    Full Time  $40.00/week     
Penalty Fees -             $15.00 for every 5 minutes late 
                                      $30.00 charge for returned check

Drop In
CCPD Extended Day tries to accommodate families who will need the program on occasion. Please notify the office or email Lois Bice  when this will occur. The drop-in rate is $15 per day and is due at pickup.

How are medical problems and illnesses handled?
Students who are sick prior to entering Extended Day will not be admitted. Parents will be called and requested to make other arrangements for care. If your child becomes ill or is injured, we will notify you immediately. If you cannot be reached, we will contact the person you have designated on your enrollment form in the event of an emergency. We will also seek prompt and appropriate medical treatment as needed. Medication shall not be given by any school staff member without written request from a parent, guardian or physician in accordance with Cullman City Board of Education policy.

What is the discipline policy?
Disciplining of children shall be consistent and fair. All rules will be explained to the students the first week of operation. In the event of disruptive behavior, the child will be given a warning (reminder), and an appropriate interval of time for improvement. Positive reinforcement will be utilized in order to help facilitate appropriate behavior. Continued disruptions will not be tolerated and may result in termination from the program.

Parents will be informed of problems the child may have in the program, and may be asked for assistance. A conference parent, child, and the Principal to determine the action needed. If the disruptive behavior continues, a final notice will be given to the parent. Termination will be effective as of that date. In every situation, the staff desires to provide pleasant surroundings for every child in our care.

What are the grounds for termination?
Extended Day may terminate services for: nonpayment of fees, consistent failure to pick up a child on time, or continued disruptive behavior by the child. Parents will be given at least one week’s notice prior to termination.

What about safety?
All official Cullman City School Board procedures relating to safety and emergencies will be followed, and it will be the responsibility of the Principal to advise staff of School Board policies relating to safety and emergency procedures. This includes, but need not be limited to, instruction on handling emergencies, supervision at all times, evacuation procedures (fire drills), special procedures, severe weather procedures, and discipline procedures.

EDP is provided with a cell phone for emergency use. The number to call is (256)297-0509.


Updated 4/2023


Early Morning Care Program

Full information about the EMC program and a printable application can be accessed by clicking the documents at the bottom of the page. To complete the registration online, use the embedded form below.  Be sure to scroll inside the form area to complete all required fields. 

Please ensure you completed all 6 fields in the form above. 

Early Morning Care

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Early Morning Care - Spanish

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