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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival & Dismissal for CCPS

 The Instructional School Day

  • 7:30 am - Supervision of students begins.

    Students should not be dropped off prior to the 7:30 am bell. Kindergarten students are supervised in the reading room. First grade students are supervised in the multi-purpose room.

  • 7:45 am - Students are dismissed to the classrooms.
  • 8:00 am - All students are to be in their seat when the 8:00 a.m. bell rings. The instructional school day begins for all students.
  • Students not in their classroom when the 8:00 am bell rings will be considered tardy. Amnesty will be granted to all students for the first week of school. Teacher’s hours are from 7:45 am until 3:15 pm. The teacher must be present in the room on arrival of the students.
  • 2:30 pm - Kindergarten and first grade dismissal

Morning Drop-off

The safety of the children is our primary concern during drop-off and pick-up.  We ask parents to become familiar with the drop-off and pick-up procedures. For your convenience, a drop off service is provided from 7:30-7:55 a.m.  For your child's safety during drop off service, we will not allow walk ups during the arrival time of 7:30-7:55.  During this time, faculty and staff will unload students from cars.  After 7:55, it will be necessary to park your car and escort your child into the building.  KINDERGARTEN parents should drop their children off in the morning under the awning, where staff will be available to unload the children and escort them inside. FIRST GRADE students should be dropped off in the second lane from the right that runs beside the front tent.  School personnel will be on duty to monitor children going into the building.

Afternoon pick-up

Families are expected to utilize our car line pick up service in the afternoons.  Each class is escorted by their teacher to their designated place for pick-up. For safety reasons, parents will not be able to walk up to pick up students. 

Each class has an animal decal and parents receive one for their vehicle.  The designated pick-up person should display the decal on their windshield for identification. Students will be loaded on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

All students should be picked up by 3:05 pm. Students whose parents repeatedly fail to pick them up by 3:05 pm, will be sent to extended day and charged according to the fee scheduled.